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We’ve talked white party decor, fashion and food, now let’s talk drinks! Since we were holding the white party in a public park, where no alcohol is *technically* allowed, I wanted to create a virgin cocktail. After spotting white ginger beer, I knew just what to serve: Mocktail Mules (a.k.a. virgin Moscow Mules)!

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Despite having beer in its name, ginger beer is non-alcoholic and I have to say this particular ginger beer is SO delicious and sharp, it could easily be sipped on its own. But add freshly squeezed lime juice and you have a rave-worthy virgin cocktail. (Tip: In true Gatsby form, we kept flasks filled with vodka on hand for those who desired a real Moscow Mule Shhh….don’t tell!.)

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In addition, mini bottles of lemon Pellegrino were offered by way of swan planters fashioned as drink buckets. (Note: Swans have holes in the bottoms, so be sure to set on grass or an area you don’t mind getting wet.)

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Rows of Acqua Panna were refreshing while keeping with the white party theme.

virgin moscow mules

Drinks were served in mason jars or faux crystal champagne glasses.

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Get all of the drink details plus the recipe for a Mocktail Mule on the Evite Postmark blog.

Next up: DIY Drink Umbrellas…

[Photos by Fred Baby]

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