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swan float

As I sail off into the sunset of my birthday weekend, it’s fun to look back and savor some of the sweetest moments from the past year. And being on what’s essentially your own private island was certainly one of them. Check out our photos with love from Labadee.

Oversized sunhats | Kelly Golightly

Have you ever heard of Labadee?

Do Not Disturb | Kelly Golightly

Labadee is a part of Haiti, owned by Royal Caribbean (who owns Celebrity Cruises).

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So the only access permitted is to guests of those cruise lines.

Stripes + Swans | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

We were lucky to enjoy this slice of paradise on the last stop of our Caribbean cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

Giant Swan x Kelly Golightly

Of course, we couldn’t resist bringing Swannie Golightly along for the fun.


And yes, Fred Baby inflated Swannie manually (i.e. with his lungs alone).


God, I love him.


Thank you for coming along for the adventure. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Labadee XX!

  swan available here

Photos by Fred Moser


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