woman wearing Yellow Caftan

(similar dress here — and on sale!)


Veruschka’s Yellow Caftan in Vogue & Where To Get a Hostess Gown

There’s little I find more appealing than a hostess gown or caftan. In fact, it has me wondering: Why isn’t everyone wearing hostess gowns and caftans all the time? I literally can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t look good in one — and they feel so good! Hence why I created The Ultimate Caftan Guide.

One of my favorite images? The German model Veruschka in a diaphanous yellow caftan in the February 1966 issue of Vogue. See “the most beautiful woman in the world” + how to get the look in this latest installment of the Style Icon Project!


HOSTESS GOWN: Society Social c/o (no longer available but this similar dress has the same fabric and feel | SHOES: Loeffler Randall penny slot slides | HEART SUNGLASSES: Amazon or Matches Fashion

Get the Look: Veruschka in Yellow Caftan, VOGUE 1966

BOOM! Isn’t Veruschka a knockout? Photographer Richard Avedon called her “the most beautiful woman in the world” and one quick Pinterest search will show you why. She’s definitely the most agile and interesting model I’ve ever seen, inspiring me to up my posing game.


woman posing and wearing yellow caftan

Strike a pose!

yellow caftan Hostess Gown

When I spotted this gorgeous yellow hostess gown/caftan on Society Social, it instantly made me think of Veruschka.

Veruschka in Vogue, February 1966

The above reads:

“Doubled chiffon poncho in lengths of orange and yellow– like a sheet of flame thrown over a narrow slashed underskirt of gold brocade. Dress by Stavropoulos.”

Fashion designer George Stavropoulos

Here’s the history of George Stavropoulos, according to Wikipedia:

George Peter Stavropoulos (1920–1990) was a New York fashion designer best known for his innovatively draped silk chiffon dresses and evening gowns that seemed to float in air. Many of his designs were influenced by the grace of classic Greek sculpture.

He was couturier to celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Maria Callas, and Lady Bird Johnson, and also to a loyal coterie of New York society women some of whom bought his clothes from his first collection in 1960 to his last thirty years later. This gave Stavropoulos a discreet social cachet.

In Palm Beach, Florida, people said that the yearly November arrival of Stavropoulos with his new collection was a signal that the social season had started. And if Stavropoulos showed up at a party, his attendance might be chronicled by such gossip columnists as Cindy Adams.

You can read The Story of George Stavropoulos’ Couture Designs on Culture Trip + The New York Times.

woman sharing how To Style a Yellow Caftan


Society Social Hostess Gown | Kelly Golightly

If you want to feel like a chic goddess, then you will love a billowy hostess gown/caftan.

woman in yellow caftan sharing how to wear it

Random aside: Do you know my real last name?

woman outdoors

If you guessed Golightly, no…

woman wearing caftan and white sunglasses

If you guessed Lee, no….

How To Wear a Yellow Hostess Gown | Kelly Golightly

Well yes, but not exactly. Originally our family name was Leakopoulos. My Dad’s grandfather shortened it when he moved from Greece to America.

Yellow Kaftan | Kelly Golightly

(similar dress here)


Stavropoulos made me think of that.

Perhaps they knew each other.

Perhaps not…

When I took a 23andme test, my results came back saying I am 13% Greek — and 52% French & German, 23% British & Irish and 1% Arab, Egyptian & Levantine.

SO, if you’d like to feel like a Greek — or Italian…or German…or whatever —  goddess, I’ve linked how to get the look below.




HOSTESS GOWN: Society Social c/o | SHOES: Loeffler Randall penny slot slides | HEART SUNGLASSES: Amazon or Matches Fashion

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