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Wow, my dears. We just watched the documentary A Man Named Pearl last night. Have you seen it? In short, it’s about Pearl Fryar, an African-American man from the teeny town of Bishopville, South Carolina (not too far from where I spent my high school years!) and from very humble beginnings (a sharecropper’s son) who, in response to his neighbor’s fears that he won’t take care of his yard, sets out to have the best yard in town. With no formal training and very little money (he uses throwaway plants from a local nursery), he becomes an internationally recognized topiary artist who finds his passion,  lives it and shares it every day (even helping to put his poor town on the map, bringing hope to all who meet him). Pearl wisely says “Nothing good ever comes out of negative thinking.” I couldn’t agree more.



On that same note, I was really inspired by this short documentary of The Sartorialist. He seems to really be living his passion too. I love that everyone’s passions are unique and different, that they come in all shapes and forms, from Presidents to artists to teachers and mothers. The Sartorialist really says it best when speaking of the passion he has for his work: “”It’s almost like letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday.”

Have you found your passion? Do you feel like you live life with passion or simply go through the motions?I’d love to know what you feel passionate about, what you let yourself fall in love with a little bit everyday?


I leave you with this song that always makes me feel wistful and hopeful all at once (via doubleh-vay].

[Top photo via Pearl Fryar]

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