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It’s no secret I love a fun quiz so I thought I’d share this hilarious quiz Whitney Cummings has in her new book, I’m Fine…And Other Lies. Ready to play? Let’s go!

No peeking ahead or it will ruin it!

Grab a piece of paper or prepare to type out your answers to three questions…




1. What’s your favorite animal (not your family pet)?

 – List three reasons/adjectives why.

2. What’s your favorite article of clothing?

– List three reasons/adjectives why.

3. What’s your favorite body of water?

– List three reasons/adjectives why.

I’ll share mine below:

1. Panda bear

cuddly, cute, soft

2. Caftan

free, loose, light

3. Our pool

calm, clear, happy

Okay, have you written down your answers?


Here’s the Freudian subconscious meaning:


1. Your favorite animal = The way you view yourself.

2. Your favorite article of clothing = How others perceive you.

3. Your favorite body of water = How you view sex.

My Freudian Meanings:


1. I see myself as: cuddly, cute and soft (maybe after I’ve moisturized?).

2. Others see me as: free, loose (ha!) and light.

3. I view sex as: calm, clear and happy (ummm…).

I’d LOVE to hear your answers in the comments! Do they seem accurate?


See Whitney administer the quiz to Conan here and Jimmy Kimmel here!

She actually gives this quiz to guys on dates too. Could be fun!

I’ve had fun doing this with my hubby Fred Baby, as well as with friends. Especially over cocktails.


If you’d like to read Whitney’s new book, which is like a funny self-help book meets memoir, you can find I’m Fine…And Other Lies here.

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Photo by Kelly Golightly

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