Hidy ho from Austin & Happy Friday! This is my first official outfit post from Austin — woot woot! Here’s what we’ve been up to and how we’re adjusting + where to get this pink sequin skirt + cozy candy striped rainbow cardigan ON SALE!

The Post

Pink Sequin Skirt: J.Crew | Pink Heart Sunglasses: Amazon | Flower Earrings: similar | Graphic tshirt: similar | Candy Striped Rainbow Cardigan: Anthropologie | Sequin Headband: similar | Gold heels: Loeffler Randall

First, apologies that I’ve had a slow start back to blogging this year. I always need a few weeks in January to process the previous year and get going on the new one.

Of course, we also moved (temporarily!) to Austin right after Christmas so have been settling in to our new place in Austin.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve been up:

  • We got here right before New Year’s and moved in. By moved in, I mean we unpacked everything we brought in Sally Toma-two, which isn’t that much, but is more than you would think. Fred Baby popped in to the Austin office to wrap up the year. We also got to see my best friend from college, who now only lives 10 mins away!

  • On New Year’s Eve, we shimmied an hour south down to San Antonio to ring in the New Year with the fam. It was fun! We played this game, which I would highly recommend for next Christmas. I think we ended up making it last a few hours and cracked up a lot.

  • After New Year’s we came back to Austin, and Fred Baby started back to work. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, as we’re both used to working from home, but now he’s in the office all day. BUT, his office is… get this… a 2-minute drive from our rental house, so that’s nice.

  • I spent all my time working on my sister’s Swans & Palms baby shower, which turned out so lovely. And I’ve been working on my friend’s Bachelorette Pad and the baby’s nursery, which is why I haven’t been blogging as much lately. I’ll be sharing the Bachelorette Pad by the end of this month & the Nursery by the end of February!

  • Sadly the weather hasn’t been super ideal for blogging or life. Haha. It’s been really grey and rainy and it’s Cedar Season, so that was super rough on Fred Baby the first few weeks we were here. But with a little medicine and some local honey, he’s now doing much better.

  • Odee’s been a champ and loves getting to see Daisy, my parents’ poodle, and my best friend’s pooch, Mosey. We all try to go on a walk together several times a week. But TBH, there’s been a lot of Gilmore Girls watching too. 😉

What We’re Up To Tonight

That’s pretty much it for now!

Fred Baby’s company has a belated Holiday Party tonight, so I have to skedaddle to get ready. I think I’ll be wearing this dress that I wore here (which is now on sale for only $32 — GET IT, trust me).

What I’m Wearing

Speaking of what I’m wearing, this outfit I’m wearing in this post made me feel like myself again. It was a sunny day when we shot these photos at Kellie’s Baking Co. on Burnet Road, which helped too.

Bever underestimate the power of clothes, design, color & sunshine on your mood!

I linked everything below.

And just saw that this candy striped rainbow cardigan is 20% off today (discount shown once you add to cart)!

The pink sequin skirt is on sale too!

Now tell me…

How are YOU doing? Is your New Year off to a good start? A slow start? A bum start?

Have a great weekend xo!




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