Lemon-Print Dresses

One of the TWELVE dresses I ordered from my Sale Dresses I’m Eyeing + Buying post yesterday showed up today + I love it SO much we snapped a few quick picks. Alternate title: Depressed & Well-Dressed. {Why else would someone order SO many dresses at once? That’s bananas, right? See what I did there?}. Anywho, let’s focus on making lemon-print dresses out of lemons, shall we?

Lemon-Print Dresses

Dress: Draper James (no longer available but love this one) | Shoes: Sam EdelmanEarrings: similar Lisi Lerch c/o

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Lemon-Print Dresses

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what’s the cause of my slump in mood.

Draper James Lemon-Print Dresses

But I do know that my attempt to turn my frown upside down via shopping does actually work (sometimes).

Draper James Lemon-Print Dress

I think there is a whole theory about depression (or at least boredom) and novelty.

how to style a lemon dress

Meaning doing new things (or in my case, getting new things) can increase happiness.

maxi printed dress

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying to buy a dress and all of your problems/chemical imbalances will go away – but there is definitely something to retail therapy, don’t you think? Not deep lasting joy, but a temporary jolt of happiness. A dopamine boost.

How to Wear a Lemon Print Dress | Kelly Golightly

And I’m all for a jolt!

I mean, just look: At the beginning of this photo shoot, I was slumped. And by the end, I was reaching for the sun. Hmmm…perhaps actual sunlight + Vitamin D helped too. Whatever works, right?

How have you been feeling lately? 



Dress: Draper James (no longer available but love this one) | Shoes: Sam EdelmanEarrings: similar Lisi Lerch c/o


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