20 Most Stylish Patio Umbrellas | Kelly Golightly

Some girls love shoes. Some girls love bags. Me? I love patio umbrellas. I’ve rounded up 25 stylish patio umbrellas that will make your backyard feel like a chic hotel!

I Have This Thing With Patio Umbrellas

One thing I’ve always loved about hotels like The Parker Palm Springs or The Beverly Hills Hotel? Their patio umbrellas! So I’ve rounded up my favorites that will make your yard feel more like a chic getaway…or a Gray Malin photo!

The Beverly Hills Hotel Pool Umbrellas | Kelly Golightly

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Gray Malin Umbrellas | Kelly Golightly

Starmint Umbrellas, Italy by Gray Malin

The Parker Palm Springs Pool Umbrellas | Kelly Golightly

The Parker Palm Springs

Pinke Striped Patio Umbrella | Kelly Golightly

Design by McCann Design Group

Do you have a favorite style?

I’m torn…

 I was convinced I wanted this pink patio umbrella. But $625 is quite the splurge. However, there’s this coral umbrella with fringe for only $115 which would give a similar vibe.

Which would you choose?

Splurge:  Pink patio umbrella ($625) VS. Save: Coral patio umbrella with fringe ($115)

But I also love the two-tiered umbrellas with scalloped edges, like this pink one ($695). For the same vibe though, there’s this two-tiered pink-and-white striped umbrella for $169.

Which would you choose?

Splurge: Two-tiered pink umbrella VS.  Two-tiered pink-and-white striped umbrella ($169)

Of course, this black-and-white umbrella is chic AF too.

Help a sista out!

Which one would you get?

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