One of the pieces I get asked Where did you get that? with growing frequency is this cape. And you won’t believe what a deal it was! 


I love it and wear it all the time. It’s so comfy and makes you feel chic and pulled together, even when you’re wearing pajamas. I’m all about effortless pieces that elevate. And unlike with a coat, you can still wear a bulky sweater underneath and not feel like the Michelin Man. Um, and also eat as much as you want. My #1 criteria for fashion, truth be told!


The bad news first: It was sent to me last year by the kind people at Warehouse, a UK label I love, but is no longer available. Which is a shame because it was a total score for under $90. But don’t cry for fashion, Argentina!


The good news: I found a nearly identical cape — and at just as good of a price. Hoorah! Caper solved.

cute inexpensive cape | kelly golightly

This cape is only $88 and is just as cute. I love the toggles — it feels so British. But it will sell out fast so if you’ve been looking to go to Cape Town, scoop it up stat!


A few more capes I love, from luxe to less:

 Top photo by Fred Baby; All others by Miss Kris.

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