Ding. Dong. Avon calling.


When I was six or so, my Mom decided to dress me as a Playboy bunny for  Halloween. (Wait. Mom, what were you thinking?!). Inappropriateness aside, I loved it and this outfit reminds me of it.


A tiny pop of color in an otherwise black and white world.



Style Recipe:

1 black Express blazer

1 pair Zara denim shorts

1 pair black heels

1 pair Urban Outfitters black tights

1 H&M dots tops

1 Kate Spade bangle

1 J.Crew turquoise ring

1 One Pearl necklace

1 H&M hairband (from gay Paree!)

1 pair vintage YSL zipper pull earrings by Erica Weiner


Bow no you din'dt.


I just replaced the bunny ears with a headband I found in Paris.


Black and white in black and white. How meta.


I obviously have a predilection for black and white. Michael Jackson’s not the only one.


Tights are my BFF.


It’s probably worth noting that when I tried to revive the Playboy bunny look when I was 19, my Dad didn’t exactly support my endeavors. This look would have been a nice compromise. Don’t you just hate it when it turns out your Dad was right?

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